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How Much Do You Really Know about Edmonton Valve & Fitting?

A new infographic illustrates ten facts about us that might surprise you

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If someone handed you a map of Canada and asked you to draw the service area of Edmonton Valve & Fitting, how close do you think you would get? We've produced a new infographic that shows that answer and several other facts that might surprise you.

While you might know your own service associate pretty well, can you guess how many people we employ altogether in our Edmonton head office and at our branch offices in Drayton Valley and Fort McMurray? (Here's a hint: the total number includes 16 account managers and 16 customer service representatives who help you get the products you need.)

How about our order accuracy, on a scale of zero to 100 percent? (Here's another hint: you'll have to guess extremely high if you want a chance of being close to right!)

We think that once you view the infographic, you'll be impressed at the experience and capacity of our operation. Our staff knowledge has a lot of depth, too. The overall average tenure for Edmonton Valve associates is 8 years, and the average tenure for our current sales team at Edmonton Valve is 14 years.

With all that talent and experience at your disposal, don't you stand to benefit by getting in touch with one of our experts? (Here's a hint: Yes!) Contact us today!

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