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Swagelok Welding Systems & Components

Scroll below to learn about the Swagelok M200 welding system power supply, weld heads, and related offerings. Want a hand selecting? Please use the "request details" button.

Power Supplies
Power Supplies
The power supply offers up to 200 A for dependable orbital gas tungsten arc welding, featuring a multilingual touch screen and an integrated mass flow controller for shield gas. Weighing 50 lb, it's compatible with Swagelok weld heads and includes Ethernet for weld log downloads.
Series 10 Weld Head
Weld Heads - Series 10
The Series 10 Weld Head handles external weld joint diameters from 1/4 to 1 inch and 6 to 25 mm, with optical speed control eliminating the need for a tachometer. It features polarized power connectors and delivers high output for enhanced performance and heavier-wall tubing or pipe applications.
Series 5 Weld Head
Weld Heads - Series 5
Designed for external weld joint diameters from 1/8 to 5/8 inch and 3 to 17.3 mm, this weld head features optical speed control without the need for a tachometer, polarized connectors for secure connections, and enhanced output for better performance in heavier-wall tubing applications.
S8HPH (High-Performance Weld Head)
Weld Heads - Series 8HPH
The Series 8HPH benchtop fixture, designed for 1/8 to 1/2 inch diameters, features hassle-free optical speed control and a long maintenance cycle, capable of numerous welds per hour. It comes with an adjustable gauge and an optional work support system for enhanced stability.
Micro Weld Heads
Weld Heads - Series 4 and 8 (Micro)
The miniature design of this series permits access to confined welding areas. Enjoy optical speed control—no tachometer or calibration required—and improved productivity from the ability to set up one fixture while welding with another fixture.
Collets (Pipe Collets)
Collets Example: Pipe Collets
The Series 20 and Series 40 weld heads and fixtures accommodate pipe collets with a cantilever design, which adjusts for variations in pipe diameter. Our standard stainless steel tube collets rigidly hold components for welding and are easily changed for varying outside diameters, from 1/8 to 4 in.
Weld Head Accessories (Remote Pendant)
Accessories Example: Remote Pendant
The remote pendant grants control over all functions of the power supply through a connected cable and is designed to display only the highlighted data from the main screen due to its smaller size. It connects to the power supply through the 'Remote' labeled connector on the front panel.
Welding Purge Panel WPP Series
Welding Purge Panel WPP Series
The Swagelok WPP series welding purge panel provides accurate gas flow and pressure control for clean, repeatable welds, and is adaptable with various flowmeters and gauge options for different tube sizes. Its design reduces clutter and is easily portable with an aluminum carrying handle.

Our local team offers quick quotes, product selection advice, and daily shipping. If we can help in any way, please message us or call 780-437-0640.

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Designed for Precise, Repeatable Orbital Welds

How does our system consistently deliver precise, repeatable GTAW for tubing and pipe? We have continuously improved it over 40 years based on customer feedback. Today the M200 system offers a user-friendly touch screen, real-time monitoring, automatic documentation and other features.

Auto Create Function

Auto Create

The Auto Create function simplifies program creation for welding procedures. Users only need to input the procedure and programmer names; the rest is selected from a drop-down menu that considers the material, purge gas, and joint type. This function makes it easy to benefit from Swagelok's extensive knowledge in orbital welding, which is integrated into the equipment.

Fixture Block and Collet Installation

Fixture Block & Collet Installation

The Swagelok welding system offers versatile weld heads for materials ranging from 1/16 inch to 4 inches. By using collets and fixture blocks, changing the setup for different tubing sizes, such as from 1/2 inch to 2 inches, is made quick and simple through a few screws. This robust fixturing ensures adequate support for the joint during orbital welding.
Optical Speed Control (High-Performance Weld Head

Optical Speed Control

Swagelok weld heads have optical speed control without the need for a tachometer or calibration. Using weld head extension cables, you can perform welds farther away from the power supply. Weld on tubing with outside diameters between 1/16 and 4 in. and 2 mm to 114 mm. The polarized power connector ensures proper weld head/power supply connection.

Tube Bending Services, Material Selection & More

Our team is ready to help with selecting and sizing tubing, including choosing materials of construction for compatibility. We can also provide exact lengths of tubing in any quantity. Tube bending services are available too.

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Download Swagelok's Materials Selection Guide

Your guide to making choices that reduce the impact of corrosion.

Saving with Fabrication & Assembly Services

We design, fabricate, and test fluid system assemblies for customers, right here in Edmonton.

We combine safe, reliable Swagelok components to produce assemblies for gas distribution, grab sampling, mechanical seal support, and other uses. We also build hose, bend tubing, and make filter retainer assemblies, for example. Design support, fabrication, assembly, and pressure testing are included! We can be onsite at installation too. 

Swagelok M200 Welder Training

Four-hour introduction to welding and the proper setup of the M200

We offer regularly scheduled training courses at our Edmonton facility, as well as private customized training. Among the custom options is an M200 Welder Introduction. Topics include the basics of autogenous welding, introduction to the M200, setup and teardown of the M200, welding, and troubleshooting. Instrumentation technicians, pipe fitters, millwrights, welders, managers, and quality control personnel especially benefit from this training. Successful participants can earn a Swagelok Certificate of Completion.

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Collection - Oxygen Service

Download Materials for Oxygen Service Resource Collection

Get a technical briefing video, Oxygen System Safety Bulletin, application guide, and more.

Swagelok Gas Distribution Program

Problems with gas distribution can mean losing gas, low quality product, production slow downs, and safety hazards. We offer a solution that combines pressure control advisors and fully assembled gas distribution systems.

We offer analysis to inform regulator selection, identify system upgrades, and produce solutions. We can inspect, consult, advise, then deliver a fully engineered system built with minimal threaded connections to avoid leaks, clearly labeled for safety and functionality, that is easy to operate and service. Your system is assembled and tested before it leaves our shop, and backed by Swagelok's strong warranty. See the next section for literature on this option.