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Swagelok Tubing Data Sheet

There are five main parts to a tube fitting connection: Nut, back ferrule, front ferrule, and fitting body are all parts that are manufactured to exacting tolerances and standards at Swagelok. The fifth component is the tubing itself. Receive literature on handling and installing Swagelok® tubing.


Ensure you have the latest and best information on handling and installation of Swagelok's tubing, by downloading a copy of Swagelok's Tubing Data Sheet. It covers:

  • Tubing Handling
  • Gas Service
  • Tubing Installation
  • Suggested Allowable Working Pressure Tables
  • Elevated Temperature Factors

Fill the form to get your copy of Swagelok's Tubing Data in your inbox, together with links to related information on Swagelok tubing. In a hurry or have a question? Please give us a call at 780-437-0640.

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