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The Value of a Swagelok Tube Fitting

Non-Swagelok fittings may have less predictable performance, and that can mean more maintenance hours, safety hazards, off-spec product, and/or accidental emissions. With correct installation, Swagelok tube fittings produce a leak-tight seal year after year — even after being reassembled several times. 

A Swagelok Fitting for Every Industrial Application

Our founder invented the two-ferrule tube fitting in 1947. With 200 active patents, Swagelok supports the most critical applications and industries. You can find our fittings on the surface of Mars, at extreme depths in oceans, and in tens of thousands of industrial plants worldwide.

Tube Fittings and Adapters-Advantage
Tube Fittings and Adapters
The two-ferrule, compression-grip Swagelok tube fitting provides a leak-tight seal that is resistant to vibration fatigue while being easy to install, disassemble, and reassemble.
AbT Fittings-diagram
Assembly-by-Torque Fittings
AbT fitting assembly is quick and easy, and the fittings provide excellent gas-tight sealing, tube-gripping action, and vibration fatigue resistance even after repeated reassembly.
Cone and Thread Fittings
Cone and Thread Fittings
Cone and thread fittings are available in 316, alloy 625, and alloy 2507. Fittings that meet NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 are available as are anti-vibration connection components.
Dielectric Fittings and Adapters - diagram
Dielectric Fittings
Molded thermoplastic insulation with excellent electrical, chemical, and ultraviolet resistance and low water absorption. Maintains dielectric strength in a wide range of conditions.
Flange to Swagelok Tube Fittings
Flange Adapters
Flange adapters are machined from one-piece integral forgings with flat face, raised face, and RTJ. They are available with Swagelok tube fitting end connections up to 50 mm and 2 in.
Medium and High-Pressure Fittings
Medium Pressure Tube Fittings
FK series tube fittings can reduce maintenance costs and provide high reliability, reducing system downtime. These fittings can also help mitigate environmental impact via leak reduction.
PFA Fine Thread Flare Fittings
PFA Fine Thread Flare Fittings
Our PFA fittings offer the tensile strength, resistance to permeation, thermal stability, flow, and creep resistance needed for safe, efficient operation in high-purity applications.
Pipe Fittings
Pipe Fittings
Swagelok pipe fittings have burr-free internal surfaces and smooth thread flanks, allowing for smooth flow and providing optimized sealing while minimizing galling.
Biopharmaceutical Fittings
Sanitary Fittings
Excellent sealing and consistent reassembly help ensure accurate measurements of process parameters—air, steam, fuel, and water—to keep your plant operating efficiently.
Snubber Fittings—Gauge Protectors
Instrument response rate to system changes is reduced when a Swagelok snubber fitting is installed upstream from a pressure-sensitive instrument, protecting it from potential damage.
Ultra-Torr Fittings
Ultra-Torr Vacuum Fittings
Easy to assemble and reassemble with a knurled-nut design, Swagelok vacuum fittings provide low-maintenance operation. The fitting O-ring seals to glass, metal, or plastic tubing.
VCO O-Ring Face Seal Fittings
VCO® O-Ring Face Seal
These fittings are engineered for rapid assembly in pipe, tube, and welded systems for general industry, high-pressure, high-purity, and critical vacuum applications.
VCR Metal Gasket Face Seal Fittings
VCR® Metal Gasket Face Seal
Controlled surface finishes, electropolishing, and special cleaning options offered on a variety of VCR face seal glands, metal gaskets, and bodies meet ultra-high purity system requirements.
Weld Fittings
Weld Fittings
Permanent, high-integrity connections provide strength and reliability in a range of alloys to meet your requirements for quality and corrosion-resistance. Choose from a range of options.
Fully Built Assemblies
We can fabricate custom assemblies for gas distribution, grab sampling, instrumentation, mechanical seals, and other applications. Custom fabrication of enclosures, stands, and other extras available too.

Our local team offers quick quotes, product selection advice, and daily shipping. If we can help in any way, please message us or call 780-437-0640.

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Collection - Fitting Installation (300)

Download Fitting Installation and Troubleshooting Resource Collection

Get a pocket guide, technical briefing, inspection tips video, and more.


Tube Fitting Installation Essentials Training

A seminar on how to choose correct tubing and fittings for the site and properly handle, prepare, and install components.

Students earn foundational tube fitting knowledge that ensures system integrity and minimizes leakage risks. The course covers proper tube selection, cutting, and deburring; assembly of Swagelok tube fittings; and gauging a tube fitting assembly. Instrumentation technicians, pipe fitters, millwrights, managers, and quality control personnel benefit from this training. If participants pass their exams, they are eligible to receive a Swagelok Certificate of Completion valid for 3 years.

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Download Swagelok Materials Selection Guide

Learn about types of corrosion, materials affected most, and engineered combinations you can rely on.

Compressed Gas Leak Detection Services

We help customers achieve leak-free systems. Lower your operating costs and put dollars back in your pocket.

We can help you find and resolve fluid leaks. Hundreds of Alberta facilities have realized millions of dollars in savings from this service. Even if only compressed air is leaking, stopping leaks cuts kilowatt hours (KWh) consumed to run compressors. And if helium, argon, hydrogen, or another gas is leaking, savings from leak mitigation are much higher. Request a free demo at your facility.

Saving with Fully Built, Leak-Tight Assemblies

We design, fabricate, and test fluid system assemblies for customers, right here in Edmonton.

We combine safe, reliable Swagelok components to produce assemblies for gas distribution, grab sampling, mechanical seal support, and other uses. We also build hose, bend tubing, and make filter retainer assemblies, for example. Design support, fabrication, assembly, and pressure testing are included! We can be onsite at installation too. 

Resources _ Hidden Costs of Leakage

Download Hidden Costs of Leakage

Download this Tube Fitter's Manual excerpt to learn the Leakage Formula and prevention best practices.

"Are _____ and Swagelok Fittings Interchangeable?"

Do not mix or interchange product components with those of other manufacturers. Doing so voids the Swagelok warranty. Below are opinions published by third parties:

“Experimental tests and finite element analysis has shown that the swaging and sealing mechanisms of fittings are different despite seeing geometric similarities....The sealing methods were not as originally designed and therefore a high risk factor must be applied."
Mihsein & Seymour, Intermixing Twin Ferrule Tube Fittings—Is it Safe?, Journal of Engineering Design, Vol 10 Issue 4
“It is certainly not ABSA’s position to suggest that it is alright to inter-mix components from different manufacturers….The user of such a hybrid [component] would be assuming a significant safety liability, in addition to contravening the (Safety Codes) Act."
Memo from Technical Standards & Safety Authority, a division of Alberta Boiler Safety Authority (ABSA)

Fluid System Advice — Onsite or Remote

We offer experts trained to help customers resolve fluid system challenges. Onsite and remote support available.

Talk with us about analytical instrumentation, gas distribution, grab sampling, or any other fluid system issue. We listen to understand your priorities, gather information on your systems and routines, and offer detailed recommendations. Our goal is to help identify opportunities to increase reliability while lowering costs and risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pressure rating of a Swagelok tube fitting?

The pressure rating of a Swagelok tube fitting depends on the lowest rated component in the system in which it is installed. Sometimes the lowest pressure rated component is a pipe thread, a pressure gauge, or a valve. Other times it will be the pressure rating of the tubing itself, and that will vary depending on the tubing's size, wall thickness and material of construction.

To learn more, please download the literature offered at the top of this web page. (Need sales, support, or information? We are ready to help. Please click "Request Details" on this page.)

How do you install a Swagelok tube fitting?

Swagelok tube fittings come completely assembled, finger-tight, and ready for immediate use. 

  1. Fully insert the tube into the fitting and against the shoulder, and rotate the nut to make sure it is finger tight.
  2. Mark the nut at the 6 o'clock position.
  3. While holding the fitting body steady, tighten the nut one and one-quarter turns to the 9 o'clock position, and the job is done.

You will need two open-end wrenches (or one open-end wrench and a vise), a Swagelok gap inspection gauge, a tube-cutter or hacksaw, a file (Swagelok deburring tool), and a marker.

NOTE: Above on this web page is a video demonstrating the correct way to install Swagelok fittings from 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

Need sales, support, or information? Please click a green button on this page to get in touch.

How do you apply PTFE tape to tapered pipe threads?

Tapered pipe threads are one of the most common end connections found in industry. They are relatively simple to make up, however they always need a sealant since there are designed-in gaps between the male and female threads.

PTFE tape fills in the gaps between crests and roots to prevent system fluids from penetrating connections, providing reliable sealing in applications up to 450°F (or 232°C). To complete this task, you will need an open-end wrench, a dry soft-bristled brush, and a roll of PTFE tape (a vise is optional).

NOTE: Above on this web page is a video on preparation, tape size, wrapping procedures, and subsequent tightening. 

Need sales, support, or information? Please click a green button on this page to get in touch.

Are other brands interchangeable with Swagelok?

Do not mix or interchange product components with those of other manufacturers. Doing so voids the Swagelok warranty.

Need sales, support, or information? We are ready to help. Please click "Request Details" on this page.

Which materials are best for fittings, ferrules, and tubing?

Generally it's best to use like materials. There are exceptions.

Example: if you have stainless steel tubing, use stainless steel ferrules and fittings. On plastic tubing, use plastic ferrules and fittings. The reason for matching materials is simple: You want the ferrules to be stronger than the tubing so that the ferrules can swage onto the tubing and lock into place. 

If the ferrules are made of softer material than the tubing, you won't get that swaging action. Brass, for instance, is softer than stainless steel. So brass ferrules won't give you the full swaging action on stainless steel tubing.

NOTE: Please see the video above on this page about selecting proper materials when building a fluid system.

Can you reuse a Swagelok tube fitting?

One advantage of the two-ferrule fitting design is the ability to reuse the body without leaks. Most of the cost of replacement is in the fittings, not the nuts and ferrules. Sometimes you don't even have to replace the ferrules.

Before disassembly, mark a line along the nut and body flat and use these marks to ensure that the fitting is reinstalled properly.

NOTE: Above on this web page is a video demonstration of the procedure.

If you have made changes in the system design, by moving a fitting to a new location or changing the tubing, you can't re-use the nuts and ferrules, but you can still re-use the fitting bodies. 

Consider taking advantage of our Fitting Reclamation Program. Working together, we'll show you where it makes sense in your system to re-use and refurbish. Just get in touch using a green button on this page.

Is this fitting in stock and what is the price?

For personalized, up-to-the-minute answers to sales and support questions, please use green buttons on this page to request details/quote.

If you prefer to find answers yourself, visit products.swagelok.com, register for an account, and start exploring. Anyone can register, and completing the entire registration form will allow you to view pricing, order online, request quotes, store favorite products, assign customized part numbers, and save or forward your shopping cart. Register or log in →

What if we urgently need parts outside business hours?

For 24x7 technical support call 780-237-7109. Request the on-call Field Advisor to discuss your technical question.

For 24x7 parts call 780-437-0640. Select "Emergency Service". Request to buy outside regular hours.

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