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Swagelok Hand Tube Bender Manual

The Swagelok® Hand Tube Bender Manual explains step-by-step how to prepare, measure, and calculate in order to perfectly execute bends every time.


This manual has a full table of fractional adjustments depending on the angle of the bend and the outside diameter of the tube. It dives deep into some of the finer points of tube bending, such as "gain" calculations. That's the adjustment you need to make to compensate for the fact that the length of tubing in a radiused bend is always less than if the bend were a sharp 90 degrees.


Sections include: Introduction, Tubing Data, Tubing Installation, Product Information, Vise Clamp Block. Bend Layout, Using the Bender, Making Bends, Reverse Bends, Springback, Determining Changes in Plane and Direction, Adjustment (Gain) Calculations, Troubleshooting, and Replacement Parts.

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