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Products - Sample Cylinders Catalogue

Sample Cylinders, Accessories, and Outage Tubes Catalogue

Get our catalogue, a PDF on Swagelok products that are TPED compliant, and more.

Cylinders for Collecting Gas and Liquid Samples

Scroll below to see some of our sample cylinders, sample cylinder assemblies, and grab sample modules. Want a hand selecting? Please use the green button to message us for details.

Sample Cylinders
Sample Cylinders
Our sample cylinders have seamless construction for uniform thickness and volume, with a smooth neck for easy cleaning and no fluid retention. Cold-formed NPT threads and heavy-wall ends enhance strength and flare resistance.
TPED Compliant
TPED Compliant Products
Swagelok's cylinders for chemical transport meet DOT/TPED standards, offer uniform thickness, easy-to-clean transitions, and strong connections, available in stainless steel with valves and various accessories.
GSC (Standard and Purge)
Sample Cylinder Assemblies (GSC)
Swagelok's Grab Sample Cylinders are available in five standard sizes and offer a range of materials, with options for purge bypass tubes, quick connects, protective features, and specialized interior coatings for advanced applications.
GSM - Gas (Standard Gas Sampler Without Purge GSM-G-1(-N)
Grab Sample Module - Gas
An example Standard Gas Sampler Without Purge is shown here. Part of the value of a Swagelok grab sample solution is that a standard design can be easily customized to your specific process requirements. And we offer quick local support for future.
GSM - Liquid (Standard Liquid Sampler Without Purge GSM-L-1(-N)
GSM - Liquid
Swagelok's Standard Liquid Sampler configuration (shown here without purge) is for general use for liquid sampling. It is recommended for fluids that are non-toxic and are not susceptible to settling in the sampler, and for when the return is sent to flare.
Liquid Sampling Valve 6x4
Liquid Only Sampling Systems
Swagelok's Liquid Sampler with Fixed Volume and Continuous Flow prevents overfilling of the sampler in systems where continuous flow is required from inlet to outlet. A sample is drawn into a fixed volume reservoir, held, and then dispensed into a sampler.
Miniature Sample Cylinders
Our miniature sample cylinders feature 3/8 in. tube adapters for low-volume fluid transport. Choose from single/double-ended, corrosion-resistant stainless steel designs with capacities of 10, 25, and 50 cm3, and 1000 psig rating.
Outage Tubes
Outage Tubes
Swagelok's outage tubes, crafted from 316 stainless steel or alloy 400, come in 1/4 or 1/2 in. NPT sizes, and are welded to adapters or tees for secure integration into sample cylinders.
Connections (shown - quick connects)
Quick Connects
Swagelok's quick connect fittings allow for easy, tool-free operation and are designed to reduce spillage and air inclusion. They are available in various configurations with single or double-end shutoff options.
Panel Enclosure with Stand Example
Instrumentation Options & More
Additional instrumentation options include gauges, flowmeters, and transducers; sample coolers; threaded and flanged connections. We also offer enclosures and stands (see photo); automation; and exotic alloys.

Our local team offers quick quotes, product selection advice, and daily shipping. If we can help in any way, please message us or call 780-437-0640.

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Sampling System Evaluations with Field Advisor Tom Webster

Our team can conduct in-depth analyses of your system, from process tap to analyzer.

Bio - Tom-1

Swagelok Edmonton Field Advisor Tom Webster has completed a year-long training and testing regime under experts like Tony Waters—arguably the leading authority on industrial sampling systems—and expanded our capacity for conducting Sampling System Evaluation and Advisory Services (SSEAS). During a Sample System Audit, Tom (and, if needed, a team of peers) examines your systems and identifies steps to boost consistency, reliability, and efficiency.

"SSEAS is a full system evaluation," Tom says. We take a holistic look at the facility and report with recommendations and suggestions on how to improve plant efficiency and safety. We can do wake frequency calculations and time delay calculations, advise on line sizing, and help with sample system design."

Features for Safe, Efficient Grab Sampling

The reliability of Swagelok's sample cylinders derives from high quality materials, thoughtful design, and extraordinary manufacturing process controls. Let's look at examples: 

Cost-Effectively Improve Grab Sampling

We understand what it takes to build safety, ease of use, and reliable performance into grab sampling systems.

 Swagelok grab sampling systems satisfy gas and liquid non-slurry sampling service in a consistent, reliable package. The overall approach is to combine expert analysis with rapid configuration of a standard panel design to exact specs. The result is a configurable, local, reliable solution.

To learn more please watch the video and download literature in the next section.

Collection - Grab Sampling(300)

Grab Sampling Best Practices Resource Collection

Get a technical briefing video, application guide, sample report, and more.

Cylinder Maintenance Program

Every sample cylinder should get inspected and pressure tested at least once a year. We are ready to help.

Cylinder Maintenance or Install Support

Damaged or malfunctioning cylinders can present a safety issue for staff, and may compromise the accuracy and integrity of your sampling practices. Regular, proactive sample cylinder maintenance is a must for any sampling-centric operation.

Every sample cylinder should get inspected and pressure tested at least once a year. Even if it's not a must-do by law, looking after cylinders helps keep everyone safe and everything running smoothly.