Analytical Subsystems

Deploy reliable fluid sampling and control systems without the worry of acquiring and assembling multiple parts. View examples and download details. Tel: 780-437-0640.

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Fluids Sampling & Control Subsystems

Swagelok® offers ready-to-use, preassembled subsystems suitable for any plant or facility involved in fluid processing. With Swagelok's pre-engineered subsystems (PrESS), you can establish fully documented fluid sampling and control systems, enhancing operational consistency. Designed for easy installation and operation, these subsystems deliver the exceptional quality and support you expect from Swagelok.

Calibration and Switching Modules (CSM)

The main function of the CSM is to condition and select process streams, or to select a calibration stream for analysis. At a minimum, each system must have two inlets—two process stream inlets, or one process stream inlet and a calibration stream inlet. The system selects a fluid for analysis in response to a pneumatic pressure signal from an external source, typically the analyzer. The signal opens one of the SSV double block-and-bleed valve modules corresponding to the stream containing the fluid to be analyzed.

PrESS - Calibration & Switching

Fast Loop Modules (FLM)

A Swagelok Fast Loop Module is designed to handle high flows in sample transport lines. The goal is to reduce time delays for online analyzer systems. Located at the analyzer shelter and offering a bypass, the FLM can isolate the sample system and introduce a purge gas for system cleaning. The FLM extracts a sample through a filter while using the high flow rate of the bypass to keep the filter element clean.

PrESS - Fast Loop Module

Field Station Module (FSM)

The main purpose of a Swagelok FSM is to reduce the pressure of an extracted gas sample prior to transportation to an analyzer. Various Swagelok KPR series regulators are offered to match the wide range of sample conditions. The system volume upstream of the regulator is kept to a minimum to maintain the fastest response time possible. Benefits include faster analyzer response time, less condensation, and a safer environment.

PrESS - Field Station Module

Fluid Distribution Header (FDH)

The Swagelok FDH is a pre-engineered and fully documented piping assembly that can act as a distribution manifold or collection manifold in gas or liquid applications. Available in 1 and 2 in. sizes, an extruded manifold body design features squared sides that mount solidly and prevent twisting. Standard branch locations offer flexibility; additional outlets can be added to the header without welding. The FDH can be ordered with 2 to 16 branch outlets, with or without valves, so users can add ports as needed.

PrESS - Field Station Module (2)

Sample Probe Modules

The Swagelok SPM is a pre-engineered solution for use in online process analyzers that consists of a welded sample probe (SPW) or retractable sample probe (SPR) and a block-andbleed sample probe valve (SPV). SPW welded sample probes are best suited for use with double block-and-bleed SPVs (SPV-61 and SPV-62). SPR retractable sample probes are best suited for use with single block-and-bleed SPVs (SPV-63 and SPV-64), which include safety features that do not allow the valve to actuate while the probe is in service.

PrESS - Sample Probe Modules

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