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Swagelok Tubing for Every Industrial Application

With 200 active patents, Swagelok supports the most critical applications and industries. You can find our tubing in tens of thousands of industrial plants worldwide. Here are some of your options:

Stainless Steel Tubing
Stainless Steel Tubing
Swagelok's Stainless Steel Seamless Tubing comes in 316/316L and 304/304L grades, available in sizes from 1/8 to 2 inches and 3 to 25 mm, with clear markings for size, material, and specifications. Available in fractional, metric, and imperial sizes.
Jacketed Tubing and Insulated Tubing
Jacketed Tubing & Insulated Tubing
Our multijacketed tubing guards against corrosion and abrasion, reducing costs by allowing up to four-tube installations simultaneously. Our insulated tubing offers weatherproofing, energy conservation, personnel safety, reduced heat loss, and is a cost-effective solution.
Medium Pressure Tubing FK Series
Medium Pressure Tubing FK Series
Swagelok's FK Series Medium-Pressure Tubing, rated for up to 20,000 psig (1378 bar), is available in annealed or cold-drawn 316/316L stainless steel. Sized as true OD, it's offered in various lengths and clearly marked with key specifications.
Cone and Thread Tubing IPT Series
Cone and Thread Tubing IPT Series
Swagelok's IPT Series offers 316/316L stainless steel seamless tubing for up to 60,000 psig pressures, available cold-drawn and sized as nominal OD. These tubes come in average 24 ft lengths and are clearly marked with size, material, and other details.
Alloy 2507 Seamless Super Duplex Tubing
Alloy 2507 Seamless Super Duplex Tubing
Swagelok's Alloy 2507 Super Duplex Tubing offers superior corrosion resistance in chloride-rich environments. Available in 1/4 to 1-inch diameters, it meets ASTM A789 standards and is clearly marked with essential specifications.
6-Moly Seamless Tubing
6-Moly Seamless Tubing
Swagelok's 6-Moly Seamless Tubing offers superior corrosion resistance and strength, compatible with 6-moly and 316 stainless steel fittings. Meeting NORSOK M650, it's available in various sizes and clearly marked with detailed specifications.
High Pressure Tubing Sno-Trik Series
High Pressure Tubing Sno-Trik Series
Sno-Trik's high-pressure tubing, suitable for pressures up to 60,000 psig (4134 bar) with hardened tubing and 30,000 psig (2067 bar) with annealed tubing, is made of 316/316L stainless steel. Available in 1/4, 3/8, and 9/16 inch outside diameters.
Ultrahigh-Purity (UHP) Stainless Steel Tubing
Ultrahigh-Purity Stainless Steel Tubing
Swagelok offers 316L stainless steel UHP tubing with a 10 µin./0.25 µm Ra max electropolished internal surface, suitable for orbital welding. Available in 1/8 to 2 in. and 6 to 18 mm sizes, these tubes are clearly marked with size, material specifications, and heat code.
Custom Manifolds
Custom Manifolds
Swagelok pressure manifolds optimize space, reduce installation time, and minimize leak points by using fewer components. They are available with FK series, cone and thread, or NPT connections, including hardware.
Fully Built Assemblies
We build standardized and custom combinations for gas distribution, grab sampling, mechanical seal support, and many other purposes. Includes design support, fabrication, testing, warranty, and installation support.

Our local team offers quick quotes, product selection advice, and daily shipping. If we can help in any way, please message us or call 780-437-0640.

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Tubing Selection & Tube Bending Services

The unsurpassed quality of Swagelok tubing derives from extraordinarily high quality materials, thoughtful design, and manufacturing controls. Pair that with our local services like tube bending, training seminars, and selection support, and you get even more value.

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Download Swagelok's Materials Selection Guide

Your guide to making choices that reduce the impact of corrosion.

Improve Tube Bending Skills with Swagelok Training

A seminar on how to choose correct tubing and fittings for the site and properly handle, prepare, and install components.

Students earn foundational knowledge that ensures system integrity and minimizes leakage risks. The course covers proper tube selection, cutting, and deburring; assembly of Swagelok tube fittings; and gauging a tube fitting assembly. Bending tube helps to eliminate mechanical connections, which can be a source for leaks in traditional piping systems. Instrumentation technicians, pipe fitters, millwrights, managers, and quality control personnel especially benefit from this training. If participants pass exams, they are eligible for a Swagelok Certificate of Completion valid for 3 years.

Fully Built Gas Distribution Systems

Problems with gas distribution can mean losing gas, low quality product, production slow downs, and safety hazards. We offer a solution that combines pressure control advisors and fully assembled gas distribution systems.

We offer analysis to inform regulator selection, identify system upgrades, and produce solutions. We can inspect, consult, advise, then deliver a fully engineered system built with minimal threaded connections to avoid leaks, clearly labeled for safety and functionality, that is easy to operate and service. Your system is assembled and tested before it leaves our shop, and backed by Swagelok's strong warranty. See the next section for literature on this option.

Collection - Gas Distribution

Gas Distribution Best Practices Resource Collection

Get our Gas Distribution Systems Application Guide, technical briefing video, case study, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tubing is right for our application?

When selecting a type and size of tubing for a job, we recommend you consider:

  1. Surface finish
  2. Material
  3. Hardness
  4. Wall thickness

With just those four factors you can come up with thousands of permutations. To help you narrow down your choices, Swagelok has developed tubing data sheets. There are separate sheets for more than a dozen different materials such as carbon steel, copper, aluminum and a variety of alloys.

Watch out for bends. When installing fittings near bends in the tubing, you need to make sure that you leave enough straight length in the tubing to properly bottom the tubing out in the fitting. How much is enough? The tubing data sheet provides a handy chart to help you.

Learn more in our article Which Kind of Tubing is Right for Your Application?

To receive our Tubing Data Sheet please see the "Download Essential Tubing Literature" option at the top of this page. Need a hand? Please use a green button to get in touch. 

How do you apply PTFE tape to tapered pipe threads?

Tapered pipe threads are one of the most common end connections found in industry. They are relatively simple to make up, however they always need a sealant since there are designed-in gaps between the male and female threads.

This video covers preparation, tape size, wrapping procedures, and subsequent tightening.

Learn more in our article Skill: Applying PTFE Tape to Tapered Pipe Threads

To get a hand with selection, sizing, or to have precise lengths prepped for you, please use a green button on this page to get in touch.

Does tubing quality vary much between manufacturers?

Before installing any piece of tubing into a Swagelok fitting, the installer should take a moment to take a look at the following items:

  1. Is the tubing seamless or welded?
  2. What is the hardness of the tubing?
  3. Is the surface finish is free of scratches
  4. Check for ovality of the tubing.
  5. Check the OD and ID to make sure they are free of burrs.
  6. Check the wall thickness to make sure it is sufficient for the pressures that the system will see.
  7. Check the tubing for concentricity, that is, check that the wall thickness is consistent all the way around the tubing.

Each of these issues is discussed in our article Your Checklist for Tubing Quality. If you have worries or questions about tubing please use a green button to get in touch with our team.

What is the pressure rating of a Swagelok tube fitting?

The pressure rating of a Swagelok tube fitting depends on the lowest rated component in the system in which it is installed. Sometimes the lowest pressure rated component is a pipe thread, a pressure gauge, or a valve. Other times it will be the pressure rating of the tubing itself, and that will vary depending on the tubing's size, wall thickness and material of construction.

To learn more, please download the literature offered at the top of this web page. (Need sales, support, or information? We are ready to help. Please click "Request Details" on this page.)

Which materials are best for tubing, fittings, and ferrules?

Generally it's best to use like materials. There are exceptions.

Example: if you have stainless steel tubing, use stainless steel ferrules and fittings. On plastic tubing, use plastic ferrules and fittings. The reason for matching materials is simple: You want the ferrules to be stronger than the tubing so that the ferrules can swage onto the tubing and lock into place. This video explains more:

If the ferrules are made of softer material than the tubing, you won't get that swaging action. Brass, for instance, is softer than stainless steel. So brass ferrules won't give you the full swaging action on stainless steel tubing.

There are exceptions to the rule. To learn more, please download the literature offered at the top of this web page. (Need sales, support, or information? We are ready to help. Please click "Request Details" on this page.)

Can you reuse a Swagelok tube fitting?

When properly installed, Swagelok fittings produce a repeatable, leak-tight seal even after being reassembled multiple times. Before disassembly, mark a line along the nut and body flat and use these marks to ensure that the fitting is reinstalled properly. Please watch the video demonstration below for the proper instructions:

One advantage of the two-ferrule fitting design is the ability to reuse the body without leaks. Most of the cost of replacement is in the fittings, not the nuts and ferrules. Sometimes you don't even have to replace the ferrules.

If you have made changes in the system design, by moving a fitting to a new location or changing the tubing, you can't re-use the nuts and ferrules, but you can still re-use the fitting bodies. Even on a simple connector, you are saving a big percentage of the cost of using all-new parts. Think of a cross or a tee that is more robust - there is a huge cost savings opportunity there.

If you are in doubt, consider taking advantage of our Fitting Reclamation Program. Working together, we'll show you where it makes sense in your system to re-use and refurbish. Just get in touch using a green button on this page.

Is this tubing in stock and what is the price?

For personalized, up-to-the-minute answers to sales and support questions, please use green buttons on this page to request details/quote.

If you prefer to find answers yourself, visit products.swagelok.com, register for an account, and start exploring. Anyone can register, and completing the entire registration form will allow you to view pricing, order online, request quotes, store favorite products, assign customized part numbers, and save or forward your shopping cart. Register or log in →

What if we urgently need parts outside business hours?

For 24x7 technical support call 780-237-7109. Request the on-call Field Advisor to discuss your technical question.

For 24x7 parts call 780-437-0640. Select "Emergency Service". Request to buy outside regular hours.

Our local team offers quick quotes, product selection advice, and daily shipping. If we can help in any way, please message us or call 780-437-0640.

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