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Swagelok Edmonton Training Portal: 20+ Class Options, Course Details, & Secure Registration

Learn about Swagelok Edmonton training seminars

Swagelok Edmonton has created a new online portal where Alberta fluid system engineers, technicians, and quality control managers can explore our training options, dig into course details, and registe …

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New Liquid Sampling Valve Solves Common Bottle Sampling Challenges

An example from Swagelok Edmonton's shop

The design of our new valve prioritizes operator safety, ease of use, and cost savings by minimizing exposure to process fluids, simplifying installation, and ensuring a reliable, leak-tight metal-to- …

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FAQ: Which is the Correct 60 Series Ball Valve?

Ball valves are a practical and economical way to control flow in a wide variety of applications, and Swagelok's 60 Series offers a highly flexible design in a broad range of sizes. Try our 7-step STA …

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Look Inside: How a 40G Series Instrumentation Ball Valve Minimizes Leak Potential (Video)

See a 40G ball valve in cross section and learn about key features.

Swagelok's 40G Series one-piece instrumentation ball valves maintain fluid integrity, control fugitive emissions, and prevent leaks in general-purpose and critical-service applications. See it in a cr …

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Swagelok's Rebuilding Kits Help You Adjust or Replace Valve Packing (PDF Instructions, Video)

Download detailed instructions and view a how-to video

Learn how to use Swagelok’s rebuilding kits for manually actuated and remotely actuated valves. Each kit contains detailed instructions on how to adjust or replace the packing or rebuild the valve if …

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Replacing Industrial Valves? Use This 7-Step Method to Verify Selection

If your system isn't performing perfectly, it's worthwhile looking at valve selection

The average Alberta industrial facility has, on average, 7,400 valves installed. And when a valve wears out, it's typically replaced one for one. But if your system isn't performing perfectly, it's wo …

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