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Essential Regulators Literature 2024

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Control Pressure with Swagelok Regulators & Assemblies

Scroll below to see some of the regulators we offer. To choose among them, first consider functionality, then inlet pressure, then outlet pressure. Finally, consider sizing, materials of construction, and how it connects into the larger system. Want a hand? Please use the "request details" button.

K Series
Our K Series includes 17 pressure-reducing, back-pressure and specialty regulators. Variants are rated for max inlet pressure and control ranges up to 10,000 psig. Includes 25 µm inlet filter.
RHPS Series
RS and BS regulators have soft/hard seals for pressures of 1,015 psig and 10,150 psig respectively. Tank blanketing versions address contamination and vapors.
Regulator assemblies
Regulator Assemblies
These assemblies offer popular configurations for single or dual stage gas bottle or in-line service with our top-performing K Series regulators. Many options and configurations available.
Filter Retainer Assemblies
Filter Retainer Assemblies for K Series
These assemblies combine the "circlip" ring, mesh, and filter into one piece, enhancing seal integrity around the inlet port. NPT ports are machined to extra-strict standards.
KV Series
A removable heating element vaporizes liquids or preheats gasses to prevent condensation. Diaphragm or piston sensing. KEV regulators carry ATEX, IECEx, and CSA certifications.
RS/RSH Series
RS regulators are rated for up to 101,50 psig and -45°C to 80°C. Several ways to configure loading, sensing, and control mechanisms. Sizes ¼ to 2 in. with flanged or threaded connections.
Gas Panel (SGP)
Our modular panel ensures gas is delivered at the correct flow rate to the next stage of the system. Any part can be removed via a Swagelok connection, so the panel never needs to be removed.
BS Series
BS(H)4, BS(H)6, and BS(H)8 are spring-loaded back pressure regulators for high-pressure gases and liquids. The LPBS4, LPBS6, and LPBS8 series are designed for high sensitivity.
Changeover (SCO) Assembly
The automatic changeover system seamlessly switches from one gas source to another to ensure an uninterrupted supply. A changeover station allows for custom changeover set points.
KCM Series
A two-stage gas system maintains flow by switching sources when pressure falls below set levels. If both tanks dip below thresholds, it balances flow from both.
Point of Use (SPU) Assembly
These compact assemblies help ensure consistency and safe operation at gas point of use. Customize for top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top flow, mounting method, and more.
HF Series
Our high-flow manual gas regulators use a load spring and special pressure-sensing assembly for precise outlet control. Adjust the pressure by turning the handle.
Source Inlet Connection (SSI)
Receive a pre-assembled subsystem connecting high-pressure supply to your gas system. Includes cylinder links, tubing, hoses, filters, and possible vent/purge functions.

Our local team offers quick quotes, product selection advice, and daily shipping. If we can help in any way, please message us or call 780-437-0640.

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Swagelok Regulator Design and Manufacturing

Swagelok regulators' reliability is the product of advanced product design, the industry's strictest manufacturing process controls, and performance verification through rigorous testing protocols. Benefits include:


Collection - Gas Distribution

Download Gas Distribution Best Practices Collection

Receive an application guide, technical briefing video, brochure, case study, and more.

Swagelok Gas Distribution Program

Problems with gas distribution can mean losing gas, low quality product, slow downs, and hazards. We offer a solution that combines pressure control advisors and fully assembled gas distribution systems.

We offer analysis to inform regulator selection, identify system upgrades, and produce solutions. We can inspect, consult, advise, then deliver a fully engineered system built with minimal threaded connections to avoid leaks, clearly labeled for safety and functionality, that is easy to operate and service. Your system is assembled and tested before it leaves our shop, and backed by Swagelok's strong warranty. See the next section for literature on this option.

Saving with Fully Built, Leak-Tight Assemblies

We design, fabricate, and test fluid system assemblies for customers, right here in Edmonton.

We combine safe, reliable Swagelok components to produce assemblies for gas distribution, grab sampling, mechanical seal support, and other uses. We also build hose, bend tubing, and make filter retainer assemblies, for example. Design support, fabrication, assembly, and pressure testing are included! We can be onsite at installation too. 


Frequently Asked Regulator Questions

What types of regulators does Swagelok have?

Two main types: K Series and RHPS Series.

Swagelok's K Series regulators are common in analytical instrumentation applications. Swagelok RHPS Series regulators are an excellent starting point for general gas pressure regulator needs. RHPS regulators feature a soft or hard seal for pressure demands up to 1,015 psig and 10,150 psig, respectively.

Pressure-reducing regulators reduce a high pressure to a low pressure. This is usually what people have in mind when they think of pressure regulators. Back-pressure regulators control an upstream pressure. These regulators are very often used when a minimum upstream needs to be maintained through a system or where very fine overpressure control is needed. A video above on this page covers key concepts.

We are here to answer questions and help with regulator selection. Please use a green button to get in touch on this page or call 780-437-0640.

How do I select the right size regulator?

At Swagelok Edmonton we typically ask some combination of five basic questions:

What type of regulator are you going to be using? Usually it will be a pressure-reducing regulator or a back-pressure regulator.

What is the inlet and outlet pressure ranges? Generally speaking, you'll want a regulator designed to operate across a range beyond the pressures you are using. For instance, if the desired outlet pressure is 500 psi, you wouldn't want the control range operating 0 – 500 psig. You would want it rated at twice that. The middle is where you get the most accurate reading.

Will you be running a gas or a liquid through it? Gasses can be compressed, but liquids can't. That makes liquids a little easier to deal with.

What is the operating temperature?

What is the flow requirement?

We are here to answer questions and help with regulator selection. Please get in touch through this web page or call 780-437-0640.

How do I get help with regulators?

Below are three options. Above on this page is a video that outlines what to expect.

Customer Support: Our friendly experts are happy to help you find exactly the right configuration, sized properly for your application. Just click a green "Request Details" button on this page to get the ball rolling.

Urgent Technical Support: Have an urgent technical issue? Get help diagnosing & resolving fluid system issues with our 24x7 Field Advisory Services On-Call Technical Support at 780-237-7109.

Custom Assemblies: You can opt to get a fully built, leak tight assembly that exactly fits your system. Design support, fabrication, assembly, testing, documentation, and installation support are included. 

We are here to answer questions and help with regulator selection. Please get in touch through this web page or call 780-437-0640.

Are other brands interchangeable with Swagelok?

Do not mix or interchange product components with those of other manufacturers. Doing so voids the warranty.

We are here to answer questions and help with regulator selection. Please get in touch through this web page or call 780-437-0640.

Can you help us troubleshoot a regulator?

Yes, our Field Advisors do that. Here are tips.

A regulator not operating as expected can affect the entire system, making it critical to determine the issue quickly. We recommend talking our Swagelok Field Advisors -- our elite problem solvers. Just click a green button on this page to get the ball rolling.

Keep in mind that every regulator is susceptible to creep. That's an increase in outlet pressure that occurs when pressure escapes, even though the poppet is closed.

The root cause of the problem is in the seat itself. Regulator seats can be compromised by particulates in the process stream, which can cause minor imperfections in the sealing surface. The high flow and small orifice that is created in a pressure regulator combine to turn a very small particle into a fast projectile. This projectile can nick the sealing surface of the seat and cause leakage. Any other damage to the poppet or the seat can also cause creep. Using a regulator with a soft seat can reduce the opportunity for creep.

One good way to prevent creep is with upstream filtration. Make sure you are removing all particulates from the process stream before it reaches the regulator. Some regulators include an integral filter upstream of the seat to help protect the seat. This small filter can reduce the potential for creep and increase the life expectancy and accuracy of your regulator.

To learn more, please download the literature offered at the top of this web page. Need sales, support, or information? We are ready to help. Please click "Request Details" on this page.

What is droop and how do we stop it?

Here's a A droop definition & tips on minimizing.

An increase in flow causes a decrease in outlet pressure in the case of pressure reducing regulators. This is called droop. It is primarily caused by the set spring. The more flow required, the more the set spring relaxes and loses load force, causing the outlet pressure to drop.

Droop can be prevented in several ways. By using a longer spring or by using a dome loaded regulator, the effect of droop can be minimized. You can also use a regulator with external feedback or with a pilot regulator, as they have flatter flow curves than a spring loaded regulator.

Be sure to download all the resources on this page, so that you get a copy of our Flow Curve Technical Bulletin and other guidance.

We are here to help identify the correct regulator, including configuration, materials of construction, and optional features for a particular application. Just click "Request Details" to get the ball rolling.

Is this regulator in stock and what is the price?

For personalized, up-to-the-minute answers to sales and support questions, please use green buttons on this page to request details/quote.

If you prefer to find answers yourself, visit products.swagelok.com, register for an account, and start exploring. Anyone can register, and completing the entire registration form will allow you to view pricing, order online, request quotes, store favorite products, assign customized part numbers, and save or forward your shopping cart. Register or log in →

What if we need a regulator at 2am on a Sunday?

For 24x7 technical support call 780-237-7109. Request the on-call Field Advisor to discuss your technical question.

For 24x7 parts call 780-437-0640. Select "Emergency Service". Request to buy outside regular hours.

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Our local team offers quick quotes, product selection advice, and daily shipping. If we can help in any way, please message us or call 780-437-0640.