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We offer grab sampling consulting and fully built grab sample panels. Please explore options below, download details, and get in touch. Tel: 780-437-0640.

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Grab Sampling Systems Application Guide (400)

Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems Application Guide

This 44-page guide illustrates simple, effective ways to collect samples and keep them representative.

Comprehensive Grab Sampling Solutions

Many plants our Swagelok Field Advisors visit lack a proper grab sample system. It doesn't have to be that way. Our Grab Sampling Program is designed to ensure every grab sample is representative. So you can validate process conditions, product quality, emissions compliance, and more.

Swagelok Edmonton Field Advisory Tom Webster

We offer Field Advisors specially trained to evaluate how samples are captured, handled, and analyzed. They are available to examine your systems and specify a safe, reliable grab sampling system. Our Custom Solutions Team builds assemblies in our Edmonton shop, configuring each panel to your needs. Easy to install and operate, our system delivers the quality you expect from Swagelok.

Photo: Swagelok Edmonton Field Advisor Tom Webster has completed years of training under the some of the world's leading authorities on industrial sampling systems.

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Standard Grab Sample Panel Designs

Grab Sample Panel Installation Support

Onsite Integration Support

We can come onsite at installation to personally answer any questions from installers, operators, technicians, and managers. While your expert is on hand, practice operation, discuss maintenance, and fine-tune your panel(s). Our goal is seamless integration with your existing fluid systems, operations, and team. 


Assembly  Grab Sampling Program iPDF

Grab Sampling Program iPDF

This 28-page PDF shows how our program works, from assessment through to assembling and training.

Specifying a Swagelok Grab Sampling System

Two system types allow for capture into one of two types of containers: pressure‑containing metal cylinders as found in the Grab Sample Module (GSM) or non-pressure‑containing glass or polyethylene bottles as found in the Liquid Only Sampling Module (GSL).

Container Type

Sample Cylinder – the GSM system is for samples with a vapor pressure above 14.7 PSIa (1.01 Bara) at ambient conditions. The GSM uses pressure-rated sample cylinders which prevent the sample from escaping, even under pressure, and are durable to prevent accidental breakage. The GSM is the most reliable method of capturing a sample.

Bottle Sampling – the GSL system is for samples with a maximum vapor pressure of 14.7 PSIa (1.01 Bara) at ambient conditions. The design allows for the use of less expensive glass laboratory bottles to draw and store the sample. Using bottles also provides immediate feedback on the visual quality of the sample stream. 

Grab Sampling_ Container Types


Ensuring your grab sampling system is suitable for your particular purpose is key. Temperature, pressure, phase, container type, materials of construction, and where the panel will be installed are just a few of the criteria to consider in order to properly specify a grab sampling system.

Our team takes you through a checklist of details to ensure the panel we recommend will meet your system needs. The product selection matrix (below on this page) provides some common system criteria that may help you with the decision making process. Next, a certified expert will review your information and recommend a panel per your requirements.

Grab Sampling_ Factors in Specifying


Using our standard panel designs as a platform, we can work with your team to substitute comparable Swagelok and non-Swagelok products if necessary; add products within the existing schematics – sample coolers, flow meters, shut-off valves, drain valves, etc; and make changes in the layout.

If needed we can make structural changes/additions—panel/bracket materials, enclosures, etc.; convert to larger/smaller tube size (or metric); and recommend alternate materials of construction. Likewise, we can make flow/pressure drop calculations (and make changes based on results) and/or recommend sizing of sample coolers/heaters and enclosure heaters (using vendors’ applications engineering).

Grab Sampling Panel Planning
Collection - Grab Sampling(300)

Swagelok Grab Sampling Best Practices Technical Briefing

Receive a link to Mike Strobel's grab sampling technical briefing plus related resources.

In-House Design, Assembly, and Testing

Our team of certified fluid system designers and assembly technicians build your solution in our Edmonton, Alberta shop.

Design Consulting

Certified Assembly Technicians

Every technician has undergone a comprehensive training and certification program—repeated every three years—to ensure every assembly meets strict guidelines. Our certified Engineer monitors each step to ensure quality and consistency. 


Every Unit Shell Tested

Every GSM and GSL is shell tested at the selected gauge pressure of the assembly, up to a maximum of 1000 psig (69 bar). Additional testing is available on request. Your assemblies are backed by Swagelok's industry-leading warranty.


Onsite Integration Support

Our goal is seamless integration with existing systems and operations. We are onsite to help with final adjustments, demonstrate operation, discuss maintenance, and answer questions from installers, operators, technicians, and managers.

Assembly _ Grab Sampling Program Infographic (2)

Swagelok Edmonton Infographic & Reviews

This 4-page PDF shows our solution at a glance along with feedback from Swagelok customers.

Swagelok Grab Sampling Advantage

Simultaneous control of fluid routing

A key feature of the GSM is the switching valve that directs flow. Using the Swagelok 40G series ball valve for this switching valve, configurations are available with either 2 or 3 valves.

Simultaneous control of fluid routing means fewer steps required to draw a sample. The likelihood of errant sampling is reduced and a clear indication of sequencing is provided to the operator. This valve assembly is a standard on all GSM panels as well as fixed volume GSL panels.

Grab Sampling_ GSM Switching

Closed-loop system

The closed-loop sampling system pulls from a positive-pressure process and returns back to the process at a lower pressure location (e.g., upstream of a pump), using the differential pressure to drive the fluid through the sample system. This circuit draws a flow path that connects to the sampler then returns to the process or to flare.

With some arrangements a GSM can be left in the bypass or sample position indefinitely, keeping the transport lines fresh (with zero flushing time) and ready for sample capture. A rupture disc is an available option for every GSM system. A relief valve can also be added to the sampling systems.

Grab Sampling_ Configuring GSM

Liquid sampling using glass

The GSL design allows for the use of less expensive glass laboratory bottles to draw and store the sample. Using bottles also provides immediate feedback on the visual quality of the sample stream. Swagelok GSL systems use the same switching valve as a GSM system to provide simplified operation for complex tasks. The GSL systems also include Sentry Equipment’s Model MVS to draw a sample into a bottle.

Grab Sampling_ Container Selection
Services _ Advisory _ Sampling System Mistakes White Paper-1

10 Sampling System Mistakes Whitepaper

How to avoid too much volume upstream, liquid sampling pressure too low, vaporizer too hot, and other problems.

Product Selection Matrix

The table below provides a summary of common system criteria and the grab sample system recommended for the listed combinations. The page numbers refer to the Swagelok Grab Sampling Systems Applications Guide (available for download at the top of this page). 

Pressurized Storage Sample Receiver Sample Phase Continuous Flow  Purge   Fixed Volume Back Purge Ordering Number Reference    Page No.
Yes Cylinder Liquid No No Yes No GSM-L-1(-N) 9
Yes Cylinder  Liquid No Yes Yes No GSM-L-1(-P) 10
Yes Cylinder Liquid Yes No Yes No GSM-L-2(-N) 13
Yes Cylinder Liquid Yes Yes No No GSM-L-2(-P) 14
Yes Cylinder Gas No No No No GSM-G-1(-N) 11
Yes Cylinder Gas No Yes No No GSM-G-1(-P) 13
Yes Cylinder Gas Yes No No No GSM-G-2(-N) 15
Yes Cylinder Gas Yes Yes No No GSM-G-2(-P) 16
No Bottle Liquid No No No No GSL1 29
No Bottle Liquid No Yes No No GSL2 30
No Bottle Liquid Yes No No No GSL3 31
No Bottle Liquid Yes Yes No No GSL4 32
No Bottle Liquid No Yes No Yes GSL5 33
No Bottle Liquid No No Yes No GSL6 34
No Bottle Liquid Yes No Yes No GSL7 35



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