Cylinder Maintenance

Learn about the benefits of cylinder inspection by Swagelok Edmonton, take a sample report, and request more program information. Tel: 780-437-0640.

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Advisory - Cylinder Maintenance Eval Report

Download Sample Cylinder Maintenance Report

View an example of Swagelok Edmonton's findings and recommendations. 

Industrial Grab Sampling Cylinder Inspection

Proactive inspection by our grab sampling experts helps you steer clear of safety risks, quality issues, and avoidable costs.

Cylinder Maintenance or Install Support

We go through an exhaustive checklist to inspect each cylinder assembly, document every issue we find, and reassemble cylinder assemblies after inspection. After reassembly we helium leak test each assembly and document test results.

We also help establish a cylinders database and preventative maintenance cycles. Our goal is to help you prevent safety issues, enhance grab sampling accuracy, and extend cylinder life. 

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Expertise and Diligence Extend Service Life

Having a worn or damaged sample cylinder in service leads to worker safety risks and potential quality issues.

Cylinder Challenge

Sample cylinders play a crucial role in process facilities, undergoing frequent connections and disconnections at the sample point—sometimes several times a day. These cylinders are at a high risk of accumulating damage over time. Such deterioration not only compromises the cylinder's integrity but also represents a potential safety hazard within your facility.

Grab Sampling Specialists

Swagelok Edmonton grab sampling experts know what to look for. Valves and quick connects often get the brunt of the damage on sample cylinders. Every sample cylinder should get inspected and pressure tested at least once a year. Even if it's not a must-do by law, looking after cylinders helps keep everyone safe and everything running smoothly.

Cylinder Control

We establish a site-specific preventive maintenance cycle and follow a rigorous protocol to examine each cylinder, from connections, wear, and damage to circumference (at 3 points), length, and more. We reassemble, helium test for leaks, and return cylinders ready for use. You get a detailed report showing our findings and next steps that we recommended.


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