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We Service Hydrogen Pipelines in Alberta, Canada

Edmonton Valve & Fitting uses top-quality Swagelok components to support hydrogen pipelines in Canada.

Already one of the world’s top hydrogen producers, Alberta is poised to become a major hydrogen hub in the coming years. New infrastructure projects in the province promise to create major opportunities for producers who can meet hydrogen’s unique challenges, and Edmonton Valve & Fitting is prepared to support the industry by providing expert service to hydrogen pipelines in Canada.

As Alberta develops into a major hydrogen hub, hydrogen pipelines in Canada will need the best available support and technology. By leveraging expert consultation from Edmonton Valve & Fitting Field Advisors and using top-quality Swagelok components, Alberta’s hydrogen pipeline operators can ensure success as the industry grows.

Top-Quality Swagelok Components

Leak-tight FK-Series tube fittings are ideal for use in hydrogen pipelines in Canada.

Hydrogen is an extremely small molecule that loves to leak and diffuse into materials. To avoid these problems, hydrogen requires specific material types and high-quality standards.

Hydrogen pipelines in Canada require several subsystems to maintain pressure, detect leaks, and monitor hydrogen gas quality. These systems are critical points that require high-quality, hydrogen-rated components and materials to prevent leaks and hydrogen embrittlement. Edmonton Valve & Fitting offers an exhaustive selection of industry-leading Swagelok components suitable for hydrogen service, including:

  • Check valves for larger tubes
  • Poppet-type check valves for smaller-diameter pipes
  • Leakless bellows valves and diaphragm valves
  • Leak-resistant tubing and tube fittings
  • Flange adaptors
  • Grab sampling systems with purge and quick-connect options
  • SWS (Swagelok Welding System) and weld fittings

Swagelok FK-series fittings are some of the only tube fittings engineered for the unique demands of hydrogen applications, with pressure ratings up to 22,500 psi and 316 stainless steel fabrication with 12% minimum nickel content.

SWS weld head fixtures are another useful tool for hydrogen gas service in Alberta. These fixtures allow the welding of an effective gas-sealing connection that can be an effective solution for hydrogen sealing.

Field Advisory Services

An experienced Field Advisor performs an evaluation of a hydrogen pipeline in Canada.Edmonton Valve & Fitting Field Advisors can provide expert consultations to improve the efficiency, safety, and reliability of hydrogen pipelines in Canada. Field Advisory Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Virtual onsite evaluations
  • Sampling system audits
  • Design advice
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Pipeline health checks
  • Product-specific training
  • Component and instrumentation advice
  • Regulator sizing guidance

Now, you can also opt for a virtual onsite evaluation using our AR headset technology. This allows one of our Field Advisors to conduct a virtual site visit using a collaboration headset that projects back visuals and audio to a remote team in real-time. This allows us to help solve your toughest challenges in a way that is convenient, safe, and provides enhanced documentation.

Look to an Experienced Vendor to Service Hydrogen Pipelines and Systems in Canada

Edmonton Valve & Fitting offers a wide range of hydrogen-compatible Swagelok components with leak-resistant designs, high-quality metallurgy, and high-pressure resistance that are ideal for hydrogen pipelines in Canada. We also provide customized gas sampling systems designed for high-pressure hydrogen service to ensure sampling is reliable, accurate, and safe.

Our Field Advisors can perform an onsite consultation for hydrogen pipelines in Canada and recommend practices and components to ensure safe, reliable operations.

To find out more about how Edmonton Valve & Fitting can help the hydrogen industry in Alberta by providing expert consultation, products, and services, contact us through our website or by calling 780-437-0640.

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